Modern and comprehensive.

Our laboratory equipment ensures analytics and investigations of the highest technical and scientific standard. It is certified and subject to regular inspections.

For the large equipment (HPLC, GC) there is a long-standing maintenance and certification contract with Agilent.

  • HPLC: 10 Agilent devices, type 1100-1200
    • Detection: DAD, RI, conductivity, FLD
    • Fraction collection in analytical standard
  • GC: 4 Agilent devices type 6890N, 6850 and 7890
    • Detection: FID
    • 2 headspace modules for residual solvent determination
  • HPLC and GC columns
    • Many years of experience with established phases and special phases
    • Testing and application of the most up-to-date column technology
    • approx. 270 HPLC columns (approx. 60 different phases)
    • approx. 60 GC columns (approx. 25 different phases)
  • Dissolution tester: 3 Erweka devices for every 6 test pieces
  • Thin-layer chromatography:
    • TLC applicators and photo-documentation system (DESAGA)
  • UV: Lambda 14
  • IR: Avatar 370
    • ATR technology for direct measurement of solids and liquids, including quantitative analysis
  • Titration:
    • 2 automatic titrator systems; (Schott, Metrohm)
  • Water content:
    • Halogen moisture measuring device
    • Karl Fischer titrator
  • Additional:
    • Decomposition tester, density measuring device, viscometer, coagulometer, tablet strength/abrasion

There are approx. 900 reference substances and 600 chemicals available for analysis purposes.